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Who we are

Who we are

Our first crèche, created over 30 years ago, is a family place with qualified staff dedicated to the well-being of your children.

The crèche is managed directly by the European Parliament on behalf of the European Institutions based in Luxembourg and who are members of the Social Activities Committee (CAS). It welcomes children aged 3 to 42 months.
The CPE 2 crèche is located at 3, rue A. Borschette, L-1246 Kirchberg.


The nursery's capacity is around 111 children divided into 8 groups:
• 3 groups for babies from 3 to 18/20 months;
• 5 groups for children from 18/20 to 42 months

Group 1 - Globe-Trotters
Group 2 - Explorers
Group 3 - Travelers
Group 4 - Builders
Group 5 - Researchers
Group 6 - Readers
Group 7 - Actors
Group 8 - Creators

Each group is placed under the responsibility of three nursery nurses or educators assisted, if necessary, with additional and occasional help. The schedules and staff attendance within the groups are adapted to the daily needs of children, while covering a wide range of opening hours.


Each group of the crèche is a place open to the parents of the children of this group. The relationship between the educational team and each parent is conceived as a partnership with the complementarity of roles and skills, aimed at the development and well-being of the child. Everything is being done to gradually establish a relationship of trust, a beneficial situation for the child who is reassured by the agreement existing between his parents and his nursery nurses.

Regular dialogue with parents, based on respect and the dynamics of each family, constitutes a fundamental starting point for understanding family educational action, for creating a spirit of collaboration and sharing of responsibility .

To regard the child as an individual and to respect him necessarily implies respect for his culture and in particular his language. This principle is even more important in the multicultural and multilingual environment which is that of our crèche. The crèche's population includes 27 different nationalities, or even more with unions outside the EU and some children live in a bilingual, even trilingual, family environment.

Our choice :
French is used as the lingua franca, while the other languages ​​are valued in the individual adult / child or child / child relationships.


Administrative and educational responsibility is provided by the director of the crèche. The educational staff have the qualification of pediatric nurse or early childhood educator.

The kitchen staff, managed by an external company, have the skills necessary for the daily preparation of menus. These are made from fresh, seasonal and local products, 70% organic and aim at growth and the formation of taste.


Two nurses specialized in pediatrics provide a paramedical presence during the opening hours of the crèche. In conjunction with the pediatrician responsible for our crèche, their tasks include:

• Ensure control of general hygiene and living conditions of children at the crèche,
• Take the appropriate measures in the event of illness, epidemic,
• Ensure prophylactic measures imposed on staff training new staff
• Participate in food hygiene controls,
• Ensure the cleanliness and safety of the premises,
• Monitor the psychomotor development of children in collaboration with the pediatrician,
• Punctually assist groups,
• Control of menus, preparation, monitoring of diets (allergies, etc.),
• Control of meals before distribution in groups,
• Welcome parents and establish medical records,
• Interviews, advice to parents (breastfeeding, food, vaccinations ...),
• Treatment administration,
• Support for daily and / or emergency care

Sick children

The crèche strictly meets the health rules inherent in community life. The medical regulations are available on the crèches website, and are supplemented by medical protocols validated by the pediatrician and applied by the nursing staff.
No derogation is possible without the written agreement of the pediatrician of the crèche alone.

During the preparation of the medical file, with the nursing staff, parents are explained that certain pathologies require eviction from the nursery for 1 to several days.

Sick children are taken care of in the infirmary during the day. Parents are informed and required to come and pick up their child as soon as possible.



If you are breastfeeding and wish to continue to do so, we can welcome you at any time of the day.