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Who we are


Since 10th September 2012, the Social Affairs Unit disposes of a second crèche. This crèche is situated on the new site of the European School II in Bertrange-Mamer and is part of the CPE 5 childcare facility, comprising also a Garderie and a Study Centre.

The address of the crèche of the CPE 5 is : 6, rue Gaston Thorn, L-8268 Mamer.


The daily management of the crèche at the CPE 5 has been externalised to the company People&Baby.

The crèche is jointly managed by Mrs Melinda Scyeur, specialised in the method Montessori and by her deputy, Ms Mélissa Fiegel.

The management team is reinforced by Jessica Vasseur, pedagogical representative

To obtain any information or to take an appointment you may join them by phone (352 27322604 or +352 621 168587) or mail (

The directrice and her deputy are disposed to guide you around the building and to reply all questions concerning the crèche.

The admission capacity of the crèche is approximately 108 children, who are distributed in 8 sections, according to their age. Each section counts 12-15 children who are further divided into 2 reference groups. As far as possible, the same educator accompanies the same group of children until they reach the age of 2.5-3 years. At that moment the children joint one of the 2 Montessori groups.

Opening hours and schedule

The crèche is open:

  • Monday to Thursday from 8h00 to 19h00,
  • Friday from 8h00 to 18h30.


The head of crèche is responsible for the administrative and educational supervision. The implementation of the educational program is followed by a pedagogical supervisor.

All members of the childcare and early learning staff are qualified nursery nurses or early childhood workers.


A paediatric nurse provides paramedical care during the opening hours of the crèche. She is responsible, in liaison with the paediatricians attached to the crèche, for:

  • monitoring the general hygiene and living conditions of the children using the crèche,
  • taking appropriate steps in the event of sickness or epidemics,
  • supervising the precautionary measures required of staff,
  • assisting with food hygiene checks,
  • ensuring that the premises are clean and safe,
  • monitoring the children’s psychomotor and physical development,
  • working with the children groups from time to time,
  • etc.

Sick children

The crèche strictly meets the health rules inherent in community life. The medical regulations are available on the crèches website, and are supplemented by medical protocols validated by the pediatrician and applied by the nursing staff.
No derogation is possible without the written agreement of the pediatrician of the crèche alone.

During the preparation of the medical file, with the nursing staff, parents are explained that certain pathologies require eviction from the nursery for 1 to several days.

Sick children are taken care of in the infirmary during the day. Parents are informed and required to come and pick up their child as soon as possible.


If you have been breastfeeding your child and would like to continue to do so, you will be welcome to come to the crèche at any time.