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1. How is the parental contribution calculated?


In the case of officials and other members of staff, the contribution is calculated on the basis of the parents' net income with the following adjustments where applicable:

o Addition of allowances received from other sources,

o Deduction of maintenance paid, or addition of maintenance received, for a dependent child,

o Non-recurrent allowances are not taken into account.

In the case of private-sector employees, the calculation is based on net monthly income (as per salary slip) with possible adjustments for benefits in kind.

Parents who are self-employed and who cannot produce monthly records of net income will be asked to supply a copy of their annual declaration of income.

The calculation is based on total household income irrespective of whether the parents are married, provided that the child is legally dependent on both parents.


2. How is the parent contribution calculated?


o 9% of the net income of a household with one dependent child,

o 7% of the net income of a household with two dependent children,

o 6% of the net income of a household with three dependent children,

o 5% of the net income of a household with four or more dependent children.

If two children are placed in the crèche at the same time, the monthly contribution in respect of the second child will be reduced by 25%.

In the case of officials or other members of staff, the contribution is deducted from the salary paid by the relevant Institution.

3. Is the contribution level capped?


Yes, the ceiling for 2023 is EUR 1.309,06 €.

4. My child has been in the crèche for two months already but no contribution has yet been deducted from my salary. Is this normal?


For technical and organisational reasons there is a delay of two to three months between the billing date and the deduction from salary. For example, the contribution deducted from your salary in June will actually be for the March bill. There may be a difference of 1 to 4 months from one institution to another.

There is thus a delay before you start paying - but remember that you will have to continue paying for two or three months after your child has left the crèche. You start later, so you finish later!


5. I have sole custody of my child: how is my contribution calculated?


The monthly contribution is calculated on the basis of both parents' incomes irrespective of their marital circumstances unless official proof of single-parent status is supplied.

6. I am unmarried and I live with the mother/father of my child: how is the contribution calculated?


The monthly contribution is calculated on the basis of both parents' incomes irrespective of their marital circumstances.

7. The father/mother of my child lives at a different address from me: how is the contribution calculated?


The monthly contribution is calculated on the basis of both parents' incomes irrespective of their marital circumstances. All single parents must supply official proof of their status as such.

8. I would like to withdraw my child from the crèche temporarily without losing the place. Is this possible?


You have two options here. If you wish to keep the crèche place, you will have to pay for it. If you decide to suspend your child's enrolment, we will stop the payment arrangement. In this case the place will be given to another child and we cannot guarantee that your child will be able to return to the same crèche, as that will depend on the availability of places at the requested time of re-enrolment.

9. I have given notification of a change likely to affect my contribution level (e.g. a pay rise or pay cut, switch to part-time working, or application for payment of sickness insurance) but my monthly contribution has not been adjusted. Why?


Remember that there is a delay between the billing date and the deduction from salary. See 4 above.

10. My partner has lost his/her job: does this affect the contribution level?


Of course! In such a case, please submit documentary proof of the change of circumstances without delay.

11. My partner pays maintenance for the child/children of a former marriage and/or to his/her former spouse: can the amount(s) in question be deducted from our income for purposes of calculating our contribution?


These payments are taken into account when the contribution is calculated.

12. Am I entitled to reimbursement of contributions for periods of annual leave?


Yes. The annual leaves are directly deducted (reduction of 10%) of your monthly fee. It is not necessary to send us requests for reimbursement of annual leaves.

13. My child is sick: am I entitled to reimbursement?


On production of a medical certificate, reimbursement is payable from the sixth day of absence: e.g. if the child is certified as absent because of sickness for six days, you are entitled to reimbursement for one day.

Reimbursement is also available, under certain conditions, if an official or other member of staff has been on mission and his or her child has not attended the crèche during that period: missions must be of at least five consecutive days' duration, with a total duration not exceeding 25 days per year.

Please note: reimbursement (at the rate of 1/20th of the monthly contribution per working day) will be made provided that the application form has been submitted to the Working Time and Childcare Facilities Unit within 30 calendar days of the child's return to the crèche.


14. I am about to change my work arrangements (e.g. to go part-time or to take unpaid leave): am I entitled to a reduction in the contribution level?


Only if the change of work arrangements applies for more than three months.

15. I am engaged in divorce/separation proceedings. Will my new family circumstances be taken into account?


Of course, provided that they are officially documented.

16. In case of change of circumstances, when should I notify the crèche service?


The rules require that any change of circumstances be declared within two weeks.

17. I am expecting a baby shortly and I intend to return to work as soon as my statutory maternity leave is over: ought I to make the crèche enrolment application for my child immediately or after the birth?

18. I have just had a baby: when should I apply if I want a crèche place?


As soon as you can!

19. Can I apply to move my child from one crèche to another?


For organisational and contractual reasons we do not offer the possibility of switching crèches.

20. Between what ages can my child be placed in the crèche?


From the age of three months up to the age of 42 months. However, under certain conditions set out in the rules, children may be admitted to the Garderie (day nursery) from the age of three years.

21. What are the opening hours of the crèches?


From 8.00 to 19.00, Monday to Thursday, and from 8.00 to 18.30 on Fridays.

22. Is there provision for a settling-in period?


Settling-in takes place during a child's first week, the arrangements being made by agreement and in conjunction with the head of the crèche concerned. We will keep you informed about how your child is doing.

23. Are children enrolled automatically at the Garderie once they reach the age of 42 months, or do I need to apply for enrolment?


It is up to you to enrol your child via the OIL (European Commission), which runs the Garderie and the study centre.

24. Do I have priority for a crèche place at CPE 2 or CPE 5 respectively if I have an older child already enrolled at the CPE or at the European School at the same site?


Places in our different crèches are allocated on the basis of the place of residence of the parents, in accordance with the catchment areas laid down by the European Schools. The principle of keeping siblings together only applies for children at the crèche.

25. What are your office and e-mail addresses?



Working Time and Childcare Facilities Unit
Crèches Service

Adenauer 06 Q 026

26. Who is responsible for processing my data in the framework of data protection?


The Head of the Working Time and Child Care Facilities Unit (Directory for Personnal) is responsible for the processing (see page about rules).